Financial Risk Consultant
With an ever-changing financial industry and market conditions, financial institutions are required to manage market and credit risk daily. As a Risk Consultant your job will be to solve complex financial problems related to Financial Risk Management. You apply your proven experience and knowledge in the field of Financial Risk Management to add value to our list of top tier banking, insurance and asset management clients, both domestically and internationally.
Modelling, Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall, FRTB and Probability of Default are just a few terms that can be found on your resume. Making effective use of project management and IT is an important part of the projects.

You will be member of a team and do project based work for various organizations and you will manage (Junior) Consultants within the project team. Dependent on your experience you will command a functional and technical team and you will discuss the progress with the client. Making effective use of IT is an important part of the projects. As a Consultant you will be directly involved in customer relations and you will influence the shaping of the internal organization of Finance & Risk Management within Accenture.
14 November 2019