ALM Media

Business of Law Reporter
As part of ALM’s global newsroom, the business of law team covers the news, trends and issues affecting major law firms and the legal industry. We’re focused on delivering breaking news, analysis and features on matters that impact large and midsize firms’ business, such as mergers, staffing issues, geographic expansion, management and compensation, as well as the evolution of new models for delivering legal services. ALM, publisher of the Daily Report, The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal and other award-winning national, international and regional publications, seeks a full-time reporter to cover law firms and the legal industry in Georgia and the Southeast region. This reporter will cover the business operations and strategies of law firms founded in Atlanta and the surrounding region, from small, local firms to international law firms among the biggest in the world. We're looking for someone who is ready to break news, craft features and develop a broad and deep network of sources in the region.
3 May 2021