ALM Media, LLC

Copy Editor
As part of ALM’s global newsroom, the copy-editing team is focused on delivering news, insights and analysis for the legal industry’s top firms and legal professionals. Our close-knit team works together to edit everything from daily news items to longer magazine pieces. We are committed to quality journalism and publishing clean copy efficiently.  You will be copy-editing and publishing to the web a variety of news stories from ALM brands across the country.You will primarily handle articles for Delaware Law Weekly and Delaware Business Court Insider, as well as frequently edit for Corporate Counsel, The American Lawyer, and others. We need someone who can be part of a fast-paced, digital-first newsroom that requires stories to be edited and posted to our websites quickly and error-free. You will also aid in signing off on the print versions of The Legal Intelligencer (daily) and DLW (weekly). You will manage various “People in the News” pages by formatting press releases for daily and weekly Pennsylvania and Delaware publications. You should also be comfortable writing brief news articles, obits and other items as needed. Additionally, you will aid in compiling press releases for the weekly Mid-Market Report. 
28 July 2021