AM Biz Media

Freelance Business Writers
We're a company that works with financial services (banking, mortgage) audiences, and creates niche publications for business leaders. We're looking to build a reliable stable of freelancers. We know most folks didn't get into journalism because they loved business topics. But our focus is on stories and analysis that are written for people first, and business execs second. We want good writing, and a willingness to learn. This is all about being the best in the business: we want our readers to be that, and we want our writers to follow suit.

Our niche is business journalism.... Hold on, wake up!.... We're not writing technical jargon, or unbelievably dull reports. We need writers who know that when a lot of money is involved, a lot of drama is, too. You think: I got into journalism so I wouldn't have to deal with business. So here's the prep you need to know. Business is when you buy something, and you sell it for more. Really successful business is when you figurately knife the guy who's trying to undercut you. If you can't wrap your head around that, you're right, this isn't for you. But if you can understand that every great political story has to do with money, that every tale of success rests on the unstable foundation of ego, and that con artists and criminals often masquerade as elite financial leaders, well...have we got stuff for you to write about.
19 August 2020