Harvard Law School

Associate Editor
Reporting to the Center for the Legal Profession's (CLP) Executive Director, this position is primarily responsible for both writing substantive content and the editorial and subscription management needs of the Center's digital publication, The Practice. Because The Practice is produced entirely by the Center -- from e-commerce to backend technical details to substantive content to marketing and subscription management -- the position requires an interest in and ability to move between diverse tasks. The position works in concert with Center leadership on story ideas and editorial decisions, but is expected to take the day-to-day lead in ensuring The Practice's high-quality content and user-friendly operations are maintained and developed. In addition to The Practice duties, the position will also help drive and enhance the Center's wider communication efforts, including event publicity and follow-up, outreach to our varied constituencies (via both traditional and digital media), and broader efforts to expand the Center's impact globally. The role requires a strategic mindset and the ability to bridge between the academic and practitioner worlds.
28 May 2021