Health Care Editor
Quick take: Axios is a growth-stage startup dedicated to providing trustworthy, award-winning news content in an audience-first format. We're hiring a Health Care Editor!

Why it matters: We are looking for a talented player/coach to guide and support Axios’ industry-leading health care coverage. This person will edit and help write Axios’ daily newsletter, Vitals, and will support breaking new and conceptual coverage on and around the health care beat. A successful candidate for this job will be well sourced in the health care industry and eager to help lead one of Axios’ key areas of news coverage.

Go deeper: This person will be responsible for collaborating closely with newsroom leaders to drive groundbreaking coverage across politics and business topics related to health care. In addition to editing Vitals and other health care coverage, this person will regularly write and contribute to Axios' coverage and help reporters in our newsroom report out and write agenda-setting stories. This person will ideally represent Axios on different media outlets and drive the conversation with conceptual scoops and trend stories.
7 January 2021