Bangor Daily News

Digital News Editor
The Bangor Daily News is seeking a smart, creative, digital news editor. If you’re the right person for this challenge, this is how we would describe you: You are an aggressive self-starter who loves the pace of digital news. You understand how people consume content -- and why -- in 2021. You know how to curate and edit captivating videos. You write quick, compelling stories and headlines that get to the point. You can aggregate content around breaking news and topics that matter to Maine. You know how to talk to, and grow, an audience on social media.  We serve readers throughout Maine with a staff of journalists that stretches from the border of Canada to the boundaries of the Granite State. We blanket Maine’s political, social, cultural and economic trends, drive our state’s public conversation, and hold our officials accountable. We are committed to informing our community, and we see this role as key to fulfilling that commitment. 
27 April 2021