Barron's Group

Reporter/Newsletter Writer
Barron’s Group is seeking a general assignment reporter who will provide real-time analysis of the biggest business and economic news of the day and will serve as a primary contributor to a premier newsletter produced by Barron's and MarketWatch. Rather than reporting straight news, this reporter will focus on distilling what readers really need to know about major developments that can impact the markets. Candidates should be fast and clean writers. They should have a curiosity about markets and the drive to uncover the sometimes difficult-to-identify factors that move prices. We prize journalists who are original thinkers and can quickly deliver insights. We are looking for someone who desires to be widely read and shared. As a contributor to The Barron's Daily newsletter, this writer will provide insights and context to readers that allows them to make sense of the day's news and its implications for investors and business people. The position will require one weekend day shift. 
12 December 2021