Bay Area News Group

Investigative Reporter
We’re looking for journalists with a commitment to holding public institutions accountable and a track record for making meaningful change with their work. Can you spot the one great tip in a mundane agenda packet? Do you know which of your local officials are pay-to-play? Are you on a first-name basis with people who handle public-records requests? You might be the next investigative reporter to join The Mercury News and the East Bay Times.

We’re the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier news organization, and we’re out to build on a proud tradition of watchdog journalism. Our turf includes 101 cities in nine counties, hundreds of agencies, America’s largest state government and tech companies that change the world.  

We’re looking for energetic and accomplished journalists who combine exceptional critical thinking skills with a strong foundation in finding and using data to underpin authoritative stories. Show us you’re as comfortable battling bureaucrats for records as you are working a source to get a story they've never told. Convince us you are a font of ideas and a phenom at making things happen -- always looking for answers, not explaining why things can’t be done.
29 October 2020