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Personal Finance Reporter/ Editor
Here's a unique opportunity to chronicle one of the most important relationships in the world: the one between people and money. As a member of Bloomberg's new Personal Finance team, you will explain the myriad ways money is spent, saved, lost and acquired, and how these actions shape the way we live. You will be expected to report and present stories in clear and exciting ways, as well as edit copy and marshal contributors.

Your coverage will cut across a slew of topics -- investments, education, careers, taxes, housing, travel and more -- and will serve as a guide for readers aspiring to live well within their means. You should be a strong writer who's comfortable producing quick, smart and witty pieces, in addition to richly detailed longer-form features. We're looking for a self-starter with a passion for telling the story of people's successes and failures, and the ability to demystify markets and macroeconomics and make them relevant to readers’ lives. As an editor, you will also need to build relationships with teams across the newsroom.
2 June 2020