Bankruptcy Reporter

The energy of a newsroom. The pace of a trading floor. At Bloomberg, we connect decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. At the core of this network is our ability to deliver data, news and analytics through innovative technology – quickly and accurately. Around the clock, around the globe – we empower business leaders with breaking news, expert opinion and proprietary data distributed across platforms. After more than a decade of easy-money central bank policies, credit markets are set to face their biggest challenge since perhaps the 2008 financial crisis, with an expected wave of corporate defaults and bankruptcies. Bloomberg News wants to own the story of what comes next, and we’re seeking a Reporter who can help us cover companies in bankruptcy. You'd be part of a team that covers the most financially troubled companies in the Americas. The field includes some of the biggest household names, and a roster that's likely to grow. The job includes digging through bankruptcy dockets to tell the stories of company downfalls, and working sources to break news on the next wave of filings. 

24 January 2023