Financial Oil Markets Reporter
We are looking for an experienced and dogged reporter to join our Oil Trading Americas team to help cover the most important and widely traded commodity in the world. This person will be responsible for looking beyond the macro headlines and explaining to our readers the financial trades moving markets that affect everything from national economies to the price you pay to fill your gasoline tank. You will deliver the goods on who is making money -- and who is losing it -- when international diplomacy breaks down or OPEC shuts off global oil taps; and regularly break news on trading desks comings and goings. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an exceptional ability to network within banks and hedge funds and keep tabs on newcomer investors piling money into derivatives markets with the hopes of cashing in on a boom in commodities. You will pierce the veil on opaque markets to break news on what money managers, producers, refiners and banks are trading. Your reporting is expected to move markets and yield in-depth pieces that move beyond oil and give our readers an idea of how investors are betting on the commodities complex as a whole.
25 June 2021