FX/Rates Reporter
There’s no better place for investors to express their views about the vagaries of central bank policies, global politics and the changing economic landscape than the world's biggest bond and currency markets. As nations and companies grapple with a variety of threats and opportunities in a post-Covid environment, debt and FX will be a major focus for investors, while America's $28 trillion Treasury market is at the forefront of shifting monetary and fiscal policy priorities. If you can provide insight and build sophisticated stories that decipher what's really going on in markets and delve into what major investors are doing, then you might be the perfect fit to join our FX/rates team in New York. The right candidate is someone who can tap into a deep network of sources to understand what's going on at any moment and provide actionable intelligence and understanding for readers. They should also be able to place those ideas into a wider context and work within a team to tell the biggest markets stories in a way that is accessible, exciting and useful for a professional audience.
20 August 2021