Breaking News Editor (Chinese speaker) - based in Hong Kong
Bloomberg News is looking for a dynamic, versatile, and passionate journalist to join our Breaking News team covering mainland China. Bloomberg is one of the world's biggest financial news organizations, leading the way in covering mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and other major events relevant to markets. Bloomberg's Breaking News team is fast and innovative, and our mission is to deliver this news to readers as quickly as possible, enabling our audience to stay a step ahead. As a Breaking News editor you will be the first pair of eyes on any market-moving story out of China. You will watch the constant flow of information from a range of sources including regulatory wires, company websites and social media; use strong news judgement to decide what actually has potential to move markets; and relay that information in headlines and dispatches as quickly as possible, as clearly as possible, for our real-time clients. With its enormous economic heft, unique approach to markets and businesses, and expanding political influence, China produces some of the most closely-watched news in the world. You'll take the lead on many of these stories, such as when China unveils its GDP target, when the government announces new measures to regulate the tech sector, or when tensions mount between China and the U.S. The impact of these stories are felt around the globe.
24 September 2021