Breaking News Editor (Social Media Focus)
Bloomberg News is looking for a dynamic, versatile, and passionate journalist to join our Breaking News team in New York. Bloomberg's Breaking News team is fast and innovative, and our mission is to deliver important news to readers as quickly as possible, enabling our audience to stay a step ahead and have an edge in the markets. As a Breaking News editor with a focus on news that breaks on social media, you will be the first pair of eyes on any market-moving story not just from the Americas but globally. You will make split-second decisions and use strong news judgement to decide what actually has the potential to move markets, and deliver that information to our real-time clients in a format that is easily accessible to them, such as headlines or a short dispatch. To do this, you must be adept at navigating various sources of information, especially social media, with an awareness of the advantages and pitfalls of each. You'll take the lead when Elon Musk moves markets with his latest musings on Bitcoin or when Ray Dalio does an AMA on Reddit, and when a certain topic starts gaining traction on social media you'll be the first to notice. You'll need to be sensitive to the needs of equities clients in particular, and ensure that Bloomberg is covered on anything that may move stock prices in the age of the retail investor. You will also take the initiative to discover breaking news wherever it occurs, by leveraging your expertise and the exciting technologies available at Bloomberg.
8 September 2021