Breaking News Reporter - Zurich
Bloomberg News is one of the biggest financial and business news organizations in the world. We lead the way in breaking news about mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and other events, enabling readers, viewers and listeners to stay a step ahead of the markets. From Zurich you'll cover some of Europe's most valuable companies and be on the front line of the global banking stories coming out of Switzerland (which covers everything from corporate scandals, management reshuffles as well as hits from risky trading businesses). As a Breaking News reporter you'll be the first pair of eyes on any market moving story out of the country. You'll get the opportunity to deepen your understanding of monetary policy and foreign exchange markets by helping to cover one of the world's most watched central banks, and be given a chance to take up a slew of beat reporting opportunities and expand your network in a vibrant finance & business hub. A successful candidate is a reporter who thrives under the pressure of breaking news in real-time, while she or he is also a self-starting and tenacious reporter that gets to the core of stories coming out of Switzerland. From the Zurich newsroom you will use your strong news judgement to provide clients with high quality, actionable reporting.
27 May 2021