Crypto and DeFi Reporter
Bloomberg News is seeking a reporter to cover the cutting edge of the convergence of technology and markets: decentralized finance. We're looking for a well-sourced reporter with a record of scoops to write compellingly and break news in one of the fastest-moving realms of the crypto ecosystem. Requirements include curiosity about the topic, an ability to translate complex concepts with lucidity and skepticism as well as sourcing at every strata -- from technologists and professional traders to the investors seeding the space with startup finance. Working closely with teams across the newsroom, you'll cover everything from the nuts and bolts of automated liquidity to potential regulation and the implications of blockchain technology for traditional Wall Street banks. We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic about writing with rigor and skepticism on a topic that is of interest to a broad swath of the financial news audience, with a special emphasis on Terminal subscribers, across breaking news and enterprise.
1 October 2021