Crypto and VC Reporter
Bloomberg News is one of the biggest and most influential news organizations in the world. Our award-winning Global Technology team covers the companies, inventions, people and products that make up the world’s most valuable industry. We explore how and why technology works the way it does. You are an ambitious, curious and creative reporter, eager to cover startups and venture capital from San Francisco with a focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It’s a challenging and busy position with vast potential. You will be expected to break news, identify trends and provide analysis on the hottest young companies, biggest personalities and venture funds in Silicon Valley shaping digital money and distributed computing systems. You’ll seek to unearth the elusive and influential figures on your beat, write profiles, cover news and get scoops on funding deals and acquisitions, all while explaining complex concepts to millions of readers. You are willing to ask hard questions, expose faulty business models and hold to account executives whose practices run afoul of law or regulation.
1 October 2021