Cybersecurity Editor
Bloomberg News is one of the biggest and most influential news organizations in the world. Our award-winning Global Cybersecurity Team covers data breaches and cyberattacks that exploit weaknesses at companies, organizations, government agencies and digital platforms, as well as the people, groups and nation-states responsible for them. We explore the why behind incursions, seeking to explain motivations of attackers, how victims respond and the weaknesses that leave all of us vulnerable. Our team also covers digital disinformation and the profound, deepening privacy risks posed by our digitized economy. You are a talented, resourceful and careful editor eager to shape our cybersecurity coverage across the world. The job involves editing breaking news, helping to maintain the cybersecurity story budget and working with the team leader and reporters to plan news stories and develop ambitious enterprise. You should also be eager to jump in and report, particularly when you identify a subject that you’re excited about or when news breaks and you’re best positioned to cover it. The job will be very busy at times, and the stories are often complex, based on anonymous sources and filled with geopolitical intrigue. You are tough but patient, detail-oriented but mindful of the big picture, and invested in making our reporters reach their full potential. The job will be located in the U.S., preferably in Washington or San Francisco.
24 September 2021