Bloomberg LP

Data & Technology Communications Specialist
Technology is driving innovation in the financial industry, enabling financial firms and global market participants to make advances in data management, process automation, efficiency and growth. Nearly 40 years after founding, Bloomberg remains at the forefront of FinTech and financial information innovation, developing solutions that anticipate the evolving needs of the global financial community, and embedding emerging technologies into the fabric of our trusted network and applications. In this way, we empower our clients to take advantage of innovation without disrupting the existing workflows and relationships that power our customers" firms and connect the institutional financial ecosystem and global capital markets.We are looking for a maestro of B2B communications who is energized by crafting unique, compelling stories in a deeply technical industry. You diligently monitor developments in financial technology, data, and analytics and can explain the business drivers and impacts of advancements. You are fascinated by the ways in which AI, NLP, Data Science, and cloud adoption are reshaping the financial services industry. You know the difference between a Chief Information Officer and a Chief Investment Officer, the roles they play in driving industry innovation, and how to shape solutions-oriented messaging for each of them.
11 May 2021