Bloomberg LP

Distressed Debt Reporter
 The energy of a newsroom. The pace of a trading floor. We work hard and we work fast, moving markets and chronicling the rise and fall of the people who make them. We are known for our quality, accuracy and ability to deliver news investors can use. It's what keeps us inventing and re-inventing, all the time. You'd be part of a team that covers the most financially troubled companies in the Americas, the ones saddled with distressed debt and bankruptcies. The field includes some of the biggest household names, and a roster that's likely to grow after an unprecedented wave of borrowing to weather the pandemic. The job includes cultivating sources to break news, and then using your story-telling skills to analyze and explain what went wrong.We're passionate about breaking news and writing stories that set the agenda, and we want reporters who are just as comfortable taking the lead on a story as they are collaborating with teammates. You'd be based in either Wilmington, Delaware, home to one of the nation's most active bankruptcy courts, or in a New York office that serves as the headquarters to one of the smartest and boldest media organizations in the world.
9 August 2021