Bloomberg Radio

Radio Syndication Reporter
Bloomberg Radio/TV is looking for a Radio Syndication reporter to write, produce, and deliver on-air business reports for Bloomberg-affiliated radio station around the nation. The reports may be live or prerecorded. Radio Syndication reporters also act as editors for "Reporter Appearances and NewsFeeds."

In this role, you will ensure that Bloomberg maximizes use of its 2,700 reporters and analysts in providing special reports for our affiliates. You will work with other members of the Syndication team, the Television Assignment Desk, and the Radio Programming team to coordinate appearances of Bloomberg editorial staff on Bloomberg Radio affiliates. You are responsible for tracking what major stories Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Intelligence, BGOV, and BNA reporters and analysts are covering, and maintain a daily plan for their availability. You will send frequent "two-way" availability emails to Bloomberg Radio affiliates and coordinate appearances, as well as coordinate Bloomberg Radio audio reports and disseminate them to affiliates in regular "Bloomberg NewsFeeds." This position is currently planned as a weekday afternoon/evening shift, but as broadcast news is a 24 hour business, hours will depend upon business needs.
26 December 2019