Trending Reporter, General Business News (Contract)
The energy of a newsroom. The pace of a trading floor. We work hard, and we work fast — while keeping up the creativity and entrepreneurialism we're known for. It's what keeps us inventing and reinventing, all the time. As social media increasingly influences the news cycle and reflects reader interests, we are looking for a smart, curious writer who is able to spot and capture broader trends involving businesses across social media platforms. This role will focus on identifying the social conversation around companies, such as new products or marketing missteps, and writing quick pieces that answer our readership's most burning questions with the authority of Bloomberg's data-driven global perspective. The ideal candidate should be a strong writer and reporter who’s comfortable producing short form pieces with a quick turnaround in addition to richly reported longer-form and investigative features. We're looking for a self-starter with a passion for demystifying the business world and making financial news readable and digestible to a broad audience.
1 October 2021