BlueHub Capital

SVP, Communications
BlueHub Capital seeks a dynamic Senior Vice President of Communications with strong intellectual curiosity and superior writing skills to lead our Communications and Investor Relations effort. This position will work closely with BlueHub Capital’s Chief Executive Officer to oversee and direct all aspects of the organization’s communications and investor relations work, including online communications. The SVP of Communications will be a sharp, informed thinker who is comfortable working in an environment focused significantly on financial policy, investment and development. The SVP of Communications will be an excellent writer and editor -- able to communicate complex ideas clearly and powerfully, to tell the story of BlueHub Capital’s work and history, to communicate the mission and impact of the organization’s initiatives, and to create impactful communications strategies in an evolving financial and policy climate. The SVP of Communications will have strong leadership skills and be an effective manager of both projects and staff. 
28 December 2018