The State Media

Business Editor / Reporter
 The State Media in Columbia, SC, is seeking an aggressive journalist to serve as a player-coach to deliver exclusive reporting on South Carolina's business scene. This person will write and also lead a team including reporters in Charleston, Greenville and Myrtle Beach. We seek a strong journalist who excels at watchdog and accountability reporting and can handle in-depth work and research as well as breaking news. 

We are seeking a journalist with a demonstrated commitment to fairness and accuracy, in fact and in tone, and a strong grounding in journalism ethics. All journalists at The State must demonstrate  the desire and skills to build audience loyalty, engagement and growth around compelling public service journalism.

At The State the reader comes first, last and always. Serving readers in a crowded media marketplace means becoming the best and most relevant source of journalism that matters to them -- and ensuring that our work reaches them, wherever they are. This will require a keen understanding of what’s important to local readers, developed through reporting on and familiarity with the region; through the extensive use of reader analytics such as social media referrals and time spent on a story; and through a constant awareness of what people are sharing and talking about on social media.
12 June 2020