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Healthcare reporter
Business Insider is looking for an experienced reporter to cover the business of healthcare, focused on how care is paid for and delivered in the US.

It’s a time of big challenges for the industry, creating lots of opportunities for an ambitious reporter to make a mark in this role. The coronavirus pandemic has forced doctors and hospitals to rethink how they care for patients, and how they make money. Meanwhile, tech giants, retailers, and private-equity-backed upstarts are all competing to offer patients new ways to get care. And the 2020 election could bring vast changes to the entire system.

We value coverage that makes an impact. Our reporting has already forced insurers to change their policies, giving sick kids access to life-saving drugs. We revealed how drug companies teamed up to raise the cost of your medicines, and raised big questions about prescribing practices at a buzzy online Viagra seller. As the poop-testing startup uBiome disintegrated in the wake of an FBI raid, we had the inside story. And we’ve made a mark with deep reporting on trends like the rise of digital therapeutics and the advent of million-dollar drugs.
12 June 2020