Yakima Herald-Republic

Business Reporter
The Yakima Herald-Republic needs a business reporter. Or, to be more precise, we need a journalist to lead our business coverage. This job is about more than chamber of commerce meetings and monthly jobless reports. People want to know about the health of the Yakima Valley economy, where it’s growing and contracting, and how those changes affect their lives. That means you’ll be doing a lot of enterprise reporting, which could involve any number of issues – health care access, for instance. The YHR is one of five pilot newspapers in the Microsoft journalism initiative. As part of the project, we’re investigating health care access in the Yakima Valley. You’ll serve as lead reporter. Yakima is a city of about 95,000 people. Altogether, about 250,000 people live in Yakima County, and about half of them are Hispanic.
16 July 2021