Health Reporter
If you’re a journalist who can help people understand one of today’s most important and complex issues, you might be the next health care reporter at CalMatters. As California struggles to recover from a pandemic — and faces a reckoning about the successes and failures of its health system now and in the future — the health beat provides the opportunity to cover vital stories that affect everyone. COVID will continue to cast a long shadow over California, and coverage of it is vital to this beat. Meanwhile, before COVID, California had created a new committee on aging and an Alzheimer’s task force, the governor had appointed appointed its first-ever California surgeon general, and the state was exploring major health policies including  a state generic drug label, , a new stem cell research bond, the governor’s call for single-payer universal coverage and hopes to expand the state’s Obamacare system to undocumented Californians.
7 July 2021