The Herald-Leader

Central Kentucky Business and Consumer Reporter
The Herald-Leader is looking for a versatile, audience-focused reporter to cover business in the Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky, with an eye on consumer-focused and watchdog journalism. This journalist will focus on key issues that are shaping the business sectors in the counties around Lexington, with a particular focus on major employers like the automotive sector, growth and development and consumer watchdog stories. This reporter will deliver breaking stories on business developments and major projects in the region as well as consumer-focused journalism that demonstrates how Central Kentucky residents interact with local businesses. We’re looking for a journalist who can break news but also develop enterprise stories about the changing landscape of business, especially as it intersects with other topics that are relevant to Lexington and Central Kentucky, including government, growth and development, quality of life and the environment. This reporter will explain how business is changing in our region and how it directly affects consumers and those living in Central Kentucky. This beat entails exploring business trends in Central Kentucky that resonate with readers as well as spotting national trends that lend themselves to localizing. All components of the beat involve breaking news, building sources, poring through public databases, uncovering trends and talking to real people. We’re seeking a journalist who understands the audience for these stories, including employers, employees and consumers, and who has experience with SEO, visuals and data. This journalist also will have the ability to tell watchdog stories about consumer issues, business and institutions in Central Kentucky.
23 November 2021