Freelance Financial Advisors Writer
CoinDesk is looking for freelance writers to contribute to Crypto for Advisors, a soon-to-launch weekly newsletter for financial advisors (FAs). Crypto for Advisors is targeted toward financial advisors who are new (or newer) to the world of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain technology and are seeking to better understand this space and how to talk about it with their clients. The newsletter is meant to demystify the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets with both evergreen educational articles and more timely financial news put through a crypto lens. Contributing writers will provide articles for the newsletter and, acting as a “trusted guide” who can both inform a curious audience but who also understand the mindset of financial advisors and what is relevant to them and their clients. Contributing writers don’t need to be FAs or finance professionals themselves, but they do need to be experienced in the crypto space and be able to write for a non-crypto audience, understanding  and anticipating the needs and concerns of FAs specifically.
4 October 2021