Newsletter Editor
CoinDesk, the global leader in crypto and blockchain news, is seeking an editor to take charge of the editing, production and improvement of the company’s newsletters. Newsletters are a key way CoinDesk reaches its audience, bringing news, insights and more to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The right candidate is an early riser, a skilled content creator and a voracious consumer of email newsletters. The person should have experience conceiving, building, launching and improving newsletters for a news organization or media company. They should have a thorough understanding of the best practices of how to connect with and engage an audience through email, and how to grow that audience — as measured by both subscription and open rates. This must be achieved while ensuring the highest standards of privacy and protection of user data are upheld. 

The editor will continually optimize our newsletters top to bottom, from subject lines to footers and everything in between, to develop efficient content models that entice readers to repeatedly engage with them. Strong writing skills, especially for subjects and preheaders, are a must, as is the ability to quickly edit and format copy while maintaining a high bar of quality. The Newsletter Editor should have working knowledge of financial markets and cryptocurrency news as well.
28 January 2021