Columbia University

Pulitzer Prize Administrator
The Pulitzer Prize Board annually awards 22 prizes in journalism, arts, and letters. In addition, the Board provides study fellowships to young journalists and hosts seminars on Pulitzer Prize–winning journalism to broaden and deepen public understanding of journalistic excellence and its value to democracy and civic life.

The Administrator supports the Board in its awarding of the prizes and safeguards and enhances the integrity of the prizes through oversight of all stages of the process. The Administrator supports the Board’s ongoing effort to identify significant trends and issues that might prompt changes in the Plan of Award or other rules, guidelines, or procedures. The Administrator oversees ongoing efforts to keep the website ( dynamic and to capture Pulitzer history in a user-friendly archive. Often serving as the spokesperson for the Board, the Administrator reflects the mission of the Pulitzer Prizes and executes the overall strategic plan as directed by the Board.

The Administrator reports to the Board Chair and to the President of Columbia University.
3 November 2020