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Copy Editor
CoStar delivers real-time, verified commercial real estate data that helps clients confidently spot great opportunities and make smart choices ahead of competitors. By combining the power of CoStar’s independent research organization – the industry’s largest – with global data delivery, software, and application solutions, clients can act on opportunities with confidence.

CoStar Group’s News team is the go-to source for industry news, delivering timely stories that help our customers stay informed. Comprised of seasoned journalists, CoStar News publishes headlines that inform the commercial real estate industry -- the latest news, trends, and analysis across markets worldwide.

As a CoStar Editor you will be responsible for reviewing, editing and fact-checking the extensive news, expert commentary and analysis reported on, ensuring the news reported to our large audience of real estate investors and deal-makers throughout the U.S. and Canada is factually accurate, conforms to CoStar's news standards and is ready for publication.
27 August 2020