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Reporter, E&E News
E&E News is in need of a sharp, quick reporter well-versed in the world of environmental politics and policy to join the team behind our flagship publication, Greenwire. This is a job for a monster general assignment reporter – a writer and story-teller who grooves on turning around big stories on the major news of the day. We need a reporter who is versatile and knowledgeable on a range of politics and policy issues, and someone who isn’t a stranger to federal courts. This is a position for a writer who writes with verve and can put “above the fold” stories into our in 1pm edition each day. This is not a job for a prima donna. We want someone who likes to put stories in the paper and collaborates with beat-covering colleagues. You’ll write primarily for Greenwire and our E&E News PM edition. You’ll have the chops to help out our crack legal team. We’re looking for someone who can juggle turning around quick stories with depth and perspective on major breaking news while plugging away at longer-term enterprise projects, and someone who can break news.
12 January 2022