Dispatch Media

Executive Editor
The Dispatch is a newly-launched media company providing fact-driven news and commentary on politics, policy and culture – guided by conservative principles. In an information environment operating at hyperspeed, we aim to slow down the news cycle, to publish thoughtful and engaging articles meant to explain and inform. We bring a perspective – we’re conservatives, classical liberals, libertarians – but we’re fiercely independent, standing apart from media outlets increasingly engaged in partisan boosterism. The Dispatch has three primary editorial products – newsletters, podcasts and a website – and we’re building robust community and events programs. Read more about us at https://thedispatch.com/p/what-are-we-doing.

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and the Editor-in-Chief of the company, the Executive Editor is a full-time role based in Washington, DC. This role will be responsible for furthering the editorial and business objectives of an emerging media company. A successful candidate will desire a collaborative work environment, have excellent organizational and leadership skills, and strong problem-solving ability. If you have an editorial mind and possess the practical focus of an operations manager, this position is for you.
22 May 2020