Financial News

Fintech Correspondent
Financial News is an award-winning Dow Jones publication that is setting the agenda for the City of London, covering the finance sector and business from the heart of the financial world. We are looking for a dynamic and motivated financial technology (fintech) reporter to join our team.

The fintech reporter writes news stories and longer features for all of our media, including our weekly print edition distributed to our subscribers throughout the financial industry, as well as our website ( ) and our popular email newsletters. They cover everything to do with fintech in the wholesale financial sector, from hot Silicon Roundabout startups attracting funding and building relationships with big banks and asset managers, to the giants of finance themselves as they grapple with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing and threats from other tech firms out to disrupt their businesses.

The successful candidate will need to be knowledgeable about emerging technology and be able to explain it in plain English to a finance-savvy but not necessarily tech-oriented audience. They will need to have a strong understanding of the world of finance, including how startups interact with venture capital/private equity and other funders, as well as how investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds are using technology in their businesses. They will need to be disciplined, resourceful and able to tap a network of sources for exclusive news tips and valuable insights.
24 July 2020