Dickenson World

Financial Public Relations
Dickenson is a pioneer in an integrated Financial Communications consulting, offering Investor Relations, Financial Public Relations and Corporate Reporting services to publicly traded as well as private companies. Financial Public Relations (FPR) is an important reputation management tool. An integral element of capital market communications, Strategic Financial PR goes beyond communicating financial performance. It helps companies connect with its multiple stakeholders, by articulating stories that resonate with them. Financial PR nurtures corporate reputation and as Financial PR consultants, we act as a catalyst for our clients to emerge as one of the most reputed companies among their peers.

As a career, it can be highly rewarding and satisfying, as one is in the centre of where the actions are - dealing with real stakeholders and decision-makers - with an opportunity to create impact directly; and beyond mindless media chasing. In short, it's a rare breed of people that truly understand the role and make it their mission in life. 
11 November 2020