Financial Times

Central Europe Correspondent
We are looking for a central Europe correspondent, based in Warsaw, to cover Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Moldova. A big priority is covering the Law and Justice-led government’s efforts to reshape Poland, in its ultra-conservative image. Its five year campaign to assert political control over the judiciary and its clamp down on independent media has sharply polarised the country and led to a crisis in relations with the EU. Brussels is threatening to withhold tens of billions of euros in EU funds unless Warsaw relents. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have taken steps back towards the European mainstream, but their liberal trajectory is far from certain.  Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are vibrant economies, producing some exciting high-growth companies and are well-tied into the German industrial machine. But they are also suffering from labour and skills shortages and wage inflation and face a massive challenge to decarbonise their power and industrial sectors.
22 December 2021