Financial Times

Head of Newsletters
The Financial Times is looking for an innovative and entrepreneurial journalist to lead our newsletters and take a strategic role in developing our full portfolio of curated journalism. Newsletters are a core part of the Financial Times editorial and subscription model. With a portfolio of 25 newsletters covering topics from markets to the business of sports, dealmaking to culture and ideas, and property to economics, and with new products being developed and launched, newsletters are some of our most valuable journalism and powerful tools for engaging with our audience. 

We need a leader who believes passionately in digital journalism and the unique strength of newsletters to reach audiences directly and build relationships and loyalty. The right candidate is an experienced journalist with roots in a newsroom and honed editorial judgment. You have a deep familiarity with the FT’s unique brand of globally-focused journalism. You have a sophisticated understanding of audience and you know how to use editorial analytics to inform editorial and strategic decisions to help grow the engagement and reach of newsletters. 
10 December 2020