Financial Times

Mumbai Correspondent
This position in India’s dynamic financial capital is a busy and challenging job – a key part of the FT’s small South Asia team, which is led out of New Delhi. It focuses mainly on corporate and financial news in one of the world’s most tantalising large economies. The Mumbai correspondent plays a leading role in coverage of India’s biggest conglomerates – mostly family-owned businesses known for their ambitious bets, domestic political clout and often bitter personal rivalries. The successful candidate must also be ready to write about the financial service industry, including fragile state banks wrestling with a fresh wave Covid-related bad debts; stock markets in which major global funds participate, and growing scrutiny of India’s poor corporate governance standards. India Inc’s biggest players have emerged as improbable winners from the Covid crisis as they muscled into new sectors. Foreign companies trying to expand their presence are facing pushback from entrenched interests, though some are now teaming up with India’s biggest tycoons to gain exposure to the enticing but tricky market. The Mumbai correspondent will chronicle this, while also playing a key role in covering India’s innovative technology industry – from established IT outsourcers to its thriving start-up ecosystem, as well as active venture capital funds, many tied to Silicon Valley. There will be plenty of opportunities to travel to Bangalore and other tech and business hubs. Nor is the job entirely corporate: diverse topics ranging from Bollywood to the governance challenges of a thriving Asian mega-city are all part of the remit.
16 July 2021