Financial Times

Saudi Arabia Correspondent
The Financial Times has a vacancy for a Saudi Arabia correspondent, based in the Gulf,  covering one of the Middle East’s most important countries. This is a superstringer role.

The successful candidate will be responsible for political, economic and social coverage of Saudi Arabia at a time when the world’s top oil exporter is going through a period of unprecedented change under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s leadership.

It is a demanding job working in what can be a difficult environment for journalists. The correspondent would need to be thick-skinned and have the skills and the patience to develop a trusted network of contacts in a country where people are often reluctant to speak openly to the media. But it is also a highly rewarding position with the scope to cover fast-moving, high-profile issues, ranging from palace intrigue to MBS’s trillion dollar plans to modernise the conservative kingdom and the ripple effects that the crown prince’s brash, unpredictable leadership style has on society.
2 April 2021