Financial Times

Seoul Correspondent
The Financial Times has a vacancy for a Seoul Correspondent.

 We are looking for someone to be based in Seoul as a Superstringer. The person should be independent, motivated and entrepreneurial. The position would suit a keen reporter who wants to make their mark at the FT covering one of the most interesting stories in the world.

This is a challenging job that gives scope to cover an unusually wide range of subjects, including: North Korea's nuclear programme, South Korea’s world-beating response to the coronavirus pandemic, Samsung’s latest innovations in smartphones and semiconductors, and, simmering tensions between Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing.  

The divided Korean peninsula has become a top international issue following Pyongyang's rapid advancement in nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Diplomacy has lost its way in recent months and, with a new US president taking office, the geopolitical outlook is far from certain. The peninsula remains a uniquely tense environment, where developments have significant implications for global diplomacy – notably the contest between the US and China.
15 December 2020