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US Banking Editor
The Financial Times has a vacancy for a US Banking Editor to join our New York bureau.

Wall Street’s biggest banks are facing their greatest test since the financial crisis. The global economic slowdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic threatens massive losses on loans they have made and is stifling demand for future lending. The Federal Reserve’s lower-for-longer interest rate policies are depressing core profitability. Fintech challengers are taking aim at traditional franchises. And feverish activity in the financial markets is simultaneously boosting trading revenues while raising fears of manias, panics and crashes, and the regulatory crackdowns that inevitably follow.

Generational change also looms. Citigroup’s Jane Fraser is set to become the first woman to lead a big US bank, while mostly white male management teams across Wall Street are facing pressure to diversify their ranks. The CEOs of JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley have all been in place for more than a decade, and succession battles are only a matter of time. Meanwhile, relatively newer bank bosses such as Goldman’s David Solomon are facing pressure to deliver on their promises.
10 February 2021