Financial Times

US Private and Institutional Capital Reporter
The FT is expanding its coverage of global finance and is looking for an enterprising reporter who can take on a new role delving into some of the largest pools of money in the world, from private family offices to pension funds, university endowments and sovereign wealth funds. The successful candidate will be able to produce consistent front and home-page worthy stories that underscore how investment arms of universities from Harvard to Stanford as well as at giant Californian and Canadian pension funds have become some of the most influential sources of capital in the global financial system. 

The ideal reporter will be able to build a deep understanding of how these often publicity shy institutions and private wealth managers work, and shed light on the deals they pursue and their key personnel. One of the most important roles will be reporting on the relationship between these firms and the private equity groups with which they place tens of billions of dollars. 
23 April 2021