Financial Services Reporter
CQ Roll Call seeks an energetic, self-starting reporter to cover financial services, housing and workforce policy and politics in Washington. The beat involves some of the liveliest issues on the Washington agenda. Technology advances are changing how consumers bank. The coronavirus pandemic is revealing a housing market in which millions of people are vulnerable, and a combination of technology and the pandemic are causing profound changes to the U.S. workforce.  

We’re looking for a reporter who can connect the dots between policies and politics in all three areas. You will be required to cover the legislative work in Congress, the regulatory actions taken by executive agencies, and the impact that both have on the economy.  You will also be able to report and write with insight about the politics of financial services, housing and the workforce. 

CQ Roll Call’s in-depth coverage of Congress means you will report on the president’s budget request, on House and Senate Appropriations bills, and record and enter votes when committees on your beat mark up legislation. 

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate an ability to write clearly and concisely about legislation and regulation on very tight deadlines. Please submit five news writing samples, showing an ability to meet deadlines as well as a flair for unique enterprise.
18 January 2021