Grants Pass Daily Courier

General Assignment Reporter

Have you ever heard of a hoop house? Neither had we until last year, when hundreds of them popped up all over the place. Turns out that using flexible PVC pipe is perfect for mass-producing greenhouses, which are perfect for mass-producing pot. Many of these contraptions were illegal, just one facet in the explosion of huge, illicit cannabis farms that made headlines last year and led to emergency action by the state Legislature. To stay on top of this story and many others, the Grants Pass Daily Courier, a family owned paper in beautiful Southern Oregon, has an immediate opening for a general assignment reporter looking for outdoor adventures and great clips. The Daily Courier is not your typical small-town newspaper being hollowed out by a corporate owner. The company has been owned by the same Grants Pass family since the William McKinley administration (as in 125 years), no one was furloughed during the pandemic and no one’s pay was reduced. No other media source — print, online or broadcast — comes close to covering our local market at the level we do, and our readers respond with loyalty to our newspaper. The Courier is always part of the conversation in Grants Pass, a bulwark against agendas and bad attitudes, and we aim to keep it that way. Our reporters focus on what our readers need, so you won’t be sidetracked from your beat with podcasts, videos, newsletters or “audience.”

15 September 2022