Gregory FCA

Senior Account Executive, Financial Services Public Relations
 Job Functions

    Conduct media outreach, focusing on higher value media targets. Build and maintain personal network of meaningful media relationships.
    Write press releases, blog posts, media queries, and social media posts. Align with strategic messaging of campaign, and meet compliance requirements for clients’ industries.
    Actively communicate with clients as required via email, phone, text, etc., and assume an increasingly senior role in addressing client concerns and recalibrating client expectations.
    Participate and lead client calls as specified by supervisor. Provide strategic input, analysis and feedback on client calls in addition to providing updates.
    Brief clients on anticipated topics and themes of interviews and appearances. Prepare and draft talking points to be approved by supervisor.
    Monitor client blogs, social feeds, and other channels, and alert team to pending issues, plus flag any issues, inconsistencies, risks and/or opportunities that could impact strategic direction of account.
25 November 2020