Hill & Knowlton Strategies

Public Relations - Account Manager (Energy + Industrials)
The Account Manager at Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) has a pivotal role in the account team and requires an overall increase in the level of accountability. This role is a transition from execution to responsibility for the ‘bigger picture’, including management and oversight of multiple projects/accounts in a portfolio.

You will be the client’s first port of call for daily updates, advice and knowledge, through which you should aim to transition in perception from an implementer to ‘trusted consultant’ status.

At this level, you need to demonstrate emerging management skills, be confident in leading the day-to-day activity on multiple accounts and focus on building excellent client and team relationships.

You will be entrusted with planning, management and delivery of projects across social and traditional media platforms – with support from the senior account lead. This includes responsibility for team allocation to tasks, delivery to deadlines, maintaining a close eye on quality control and keeping the client fully up-to-date on activity.

The following job description details the skills and competencies required for this level.
15 June 2020