The Indianapolis Star

Business Reporter
IndyStar, part of the Gannett Inc. and the USA TODAY NETWORK, is looking for an aggressive, intellectually curious business reporter to focus on workplace issues, local business trends, major local employers such as pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and insurer Anthem, and other business general assignment topics. This reporter will be significant in helping tell the story of the post-pandemic recovery, as well as economic inequality. As a major metro and capital city, Indianapolis provides tremendous opportunities for an ambitious business reporter. Expect to work closely with your colleague who covers Growth and Development (including commercial and residential real estate, housing trends) and the statewide economy, and reporters on our government and investigations teams to identify trend, enterprise and watchdog coverage. Beat discipline and organizational skills are essential in order to balance the need for depth and enterprise with the need to remain competitive on local business developments. Sophisticated and urgent content is expected across mobile, desktop, social and print platforms.
6 July 2020