Audience Development Manager, Social Video, Wirecutter
Wirecutter is seeking a video producer with a strong editorial background to lead production and growth in video across off-platform channels. This role is collaborative and creative to the nth degree, but also demands eagle-eye coordination and product management day in and out. In this role, you will report to Wirecutter's director of audience development, and work with teams across Wirecutter — from experts in editorial to strategists in social to whizzes in SEO — to develop great content, hone our identity, and ensure our mission is delivered across established and emerging off-platform channels. Wirecutter’s social videos are a respite. They inform and delight our followers (and new audiences) with tips, hacks, and insights that make their lives easier — and give them a behind-the-scenes look into the rigorous testing that separates Wirecutter from the rest.
23 September 2022